sound+music.concerningLine sound | video
Conerning the Line is an interactive sound piece that tries to explore the relationship between noise, voice and harmony. It uses live vocal input to trigger a series of noise and harmonic pattern that changing, reacting and evolving into each other infinitely. This piece is inspired by the article of the same name written by Douglas Kahn. In the article he bridged noise and harmony by the mention of “resident noises - noise inside the music”. As Henry Cowell also put it in his The Joys of noise (1929) “Many things already belonging to music were considered noisy including dissonance… all instruments contains aperiodic vibrations, no absolutely pure tone”. On the other way, highly structured and harmonic elements could be found in noise if diving deep inside. Thus, concerning the line tries explore a world of feedback between noise, voice and harmony. Also inspired by the notion of “line” by Douglas Kahn, that he treated a simple line as an container of both harmonic and noise and a self-evolver that could be expanded and developed into highly complicated system. In Concerning the Line project, the lively recorded vocal (or any recorded sound) would be transmigrated into both world of noise and harmony, then the various changing attributes of sound like pitch, frequency will help developing its own variation from being in tune with the original vocal to infinite flux.
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