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Our perception of space depends as much on what we hear as on what we see.
   — Max Neuhaus
.…the fact that particular music gives us totally new experiences of time
   — Stockhausen

Aura is a surround sound installation in an urban space. It evokes people to talk to it. The input voice would be defused into a moving sound-scape, mixing with the new sound texture generated from ambient noise and people’s movement:
   • aura.urban reads the pitch, noise and frequency of the environment and creates the lines, the continuity and fluidity of the overall soundscape, particularly the texture of strings and bells.
   • The noisiness influences the rhythm
   • The camera detects the motion and spin itself, the rotating behavior influence the captured video that further change the rhythm of the soundscape
   • The motion of the environment contributes to the fluidity of the sound, making it moving around the space
   • The insertion of our voice close to it dominates the entire sound scape and dramatically change the structure, just as what I am doing now.
   • Output becomes a new input, self-evolution.
   • Due to its programming nature, the whole system could be customized based on different requirement
   • Distance sensor, sevo motor, video camera, microcontroller, microphone; max/logic
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Please listen to the silence, We need not fear the silences, we may love them
   — Cage
   Aura the extension of this listen to the silence, it turns everything in this urban space that contributes to the silence into a soundscape, an idealized form, so First aura is the expandition and emboiment of the urban silence.

• what physical space doesn’t have is the fluidity and multiplicity, the ability to be “intercalated, combined, superimposed, collide”
   — Henri LeFevbvre
   Aura tries to insert all these into the physical space, aura collects datas, it transforms and projects them. Aura is adding another layer into the physical space, the layer of a data space, a social space or a hyperspace.

• We live in simulation, a simulation of the signs of culture and media, a simulation of the urban space and its residents
   — Jean Baudrillard
   Aura, is a simulation, a simulation based on the simulated reality we’ve already been familiar with, say this urban space. It is a 2nd layer of simulation, It has the potential to constantly shifting itself to be the new reality or at least augmented.

• In the version of the city, space is a kind of echo organized by the dialogues occurring as corporal interaction.
   — Brandon laBelle
• We all have our own spatio-temporal signatures, our own unique ways of moving through space.
   — Golan Levin
   Aura tries to connect these arbitrary but unique signatures into a unified interactive structure with fragmented narratives.

• … so finally spaces become the musical instruments,…
   — Matthias Osterwold