• Across* is a real time system that generates lines from anything moving in the space. These lines would fill inside the contours of the moving objects and randomly cross connect other moving objects’ edges, thus constantly constructing and de-constructing a fluid volume of people’s motion and gesture in the space.

• One of the variations I developed is Across * Risd. It involves communication between two places across risd campus. One is the exhibition site (RISD CIT Lobby), which has a live camera facing the audience, the other is a switch between another live location (The Sol Koffler Gallery) and a video from 30 pre-recorded spots across risd campus. These locations are a mixture of interior and outdoor space that share common features such as a place at a cross or a place that evolves ascending and descending, whether a slope or a staircase. More description | Photos


across* pre-captured video
Here I was in front of the camera "across" with pre-captured footage and myself.


Across* could be easily customized into different locations and outputs.
Here it is applied to Risd Museum. The sound was directly from the ambient, the transparency of the background and the darkness of the line are reactive to sound. The higher the sound is, the background becomes more invisible.


across*times square NYC
speed is slowed down by 5 times, the warped ambient sound triggers the musical texture by an algorithm used in aura

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