.video+animation.iris unveiled
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Iris unveiled (Chinese name 蝶恋花) is a live music visualization using gestures. It is based on an orchestral suite of same name by Chinese composer Qigang Chen. The composition combines French impressionism with Chinese traditional music into a western orchestral form, expressing nine aspects of woman to reflect her unfathomable richness and the plenitude of diversity:

1. ingeniuous(灵) 2.Chaste(贞) 3. Libertine(纵) 4.Sensitive(敏) 5 Tender(柔)
6 Jealous(嫉) 7 Melanchoic(郁) 8 Hysterical(癔) 9. Voluptuous(欲)

Correspondingly, the video iris contains 9 parts trying to reflect the character of each theme visually, on the same time it attempts to deconstruct the meaning and translate the original thematic musical expression into a more abstract and aesthetic visual symphony. The work is made by live gestures of myself interacting with various objects and cameras in tune with the music. It also involves feedback techniques in projection and the use of motion graphics.