Hyper Loops: spatial sound installation
“Loop” is one of the basic forms of existence:from the inner world of atom to the outer space of the universe, from the segmentation of cells to the evolution of life. People lives on it, so is the way city grows. “Loop” is a magic and mysterious principle, rooted everywhere, yet often stays at the edge of our feelings. I tried to combine John Adams contemporary masterpiece “Shaker Loops” with motion graphics to create a “Hyper” experience of “Loops”. Here I extracted 2 movements of the Shaker Loops and remix it into 5.1 surround channels. The moving track of the dots represents the motion of those 2 sound pieces in space, the lines represent the intensity of sound in its specific direction, and the cone shapes represent the range of audio. During the installation, the video was projected from the ceiling onto a circular panel on the ground with 5.1 surround sound system. Stereo soundtrack downmixed from 5.1 channel.