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point, line and plane to the baton   -created by max/jitter and processing
In 1930s Kandinsky systematically revealed and developed the force between point, line and plane, which enlightened the world of modernism in graphic art and design. 30 years later, Herbert von Karajan conquered the music world by his remarkable visual aesthetic in conducting. Today when I’m facing the art from those two giants, I sensed a similar force behind. Thus I tried to transform Karajan’s conducting gesture into point, line and plane both manually and computationally to initiate an interesting dialogue. I have no intention to create a precise “visualization”, but to play with the force by intention, chance and even mistakes. I hope that will bring you and me across the 1960s and back to the 1930s. Besides, this piece is a special salute to Karajan for his 100th anniversary (2008).

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