.liveAV.i hear the winter dreaming...

i hear the winter dreaming... is an interactive audio/visual synthesizer controlled by a 49 midi keyboard. Each key together with its different velocity will trigger a visual variation of the computer generated snowflake and two sound patterns that could be switched by the user. The visual and sound was designed to engage multiple participatory while also providing a multi-layered interactivity based on the user experience on keyboard. This piece tried to explore the synaesthesia between visual and audio elements, such as shape, color and motion in tune with pitch, velocity and rhythm. It could also be furthered into the educational purpose whether for music learning or visual study. Finally, i hear the winter dreaming... reflects the memory and fantasy of my first winter in RISD. The inspiration also came from two masters: Toru Takemitsu — a Japanese composer, and John Whitney—an American pioneer in computer graphics.


i hear the winter dreaming..., study no.2


salute to Whitney, study no.1